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What are the best tyres for the family trip or quiet getaway to North Stradbroke Island?

For locals and tourists, North Stradbroke island is the perfect getaway from busy city life or a family weekender. Located only 3 hours east of Brisbane, catching the ferry from Cleveland, it’s a mere 55 minutes across to Dunwich on North Stradbroke or Stradie as the locals call it.

Cleveland is located approx. 35 minutes South East of Brisbane and is the main port for the North Stradbroke ferry service. This service runs daily to Stradie and has been a pivotal part of the Queensland tourism industry for years.

The Island is the perfect destination for camping and four-wheel driving. You will need a permit to drive on the beaches and all vehicles are prohibited 1hr 15 minutes before and after a high tide, so check local tide charts beforehand.

When it comes to tyres and driving on soft sandy beaches, water hazards and gravel roads Tyre Zone has a huge range of Khumo and other leading brand tyres to fit most makes and models however here are a few tyre tips to get you home safely.

Tyre Pressure

Driving on sand can be unpredictable and demanding. There are a few things to take into account before driving on sand to ensure you make it through safely. Although there are many factors and variables including type of vehicle, weight, sand conditions, wet sand, dry sand, tidal zones and under-surface obstacles.

As a rule of thumb, dropping your vehicles air pressure is a good start. Dropping to approx. 20psi mark will insure maxing grip without digging to deep but do not go lower than 16psi. Any lower and you run the risk of rolling the tyre bead off the rim.

If you are stuck, you can drop the pressure to help with retrieval. However, you must re-inflate to a safe level ASAP.

The Right Tyre

Your tread pattern determines how easy your car will perform off-road and in sand. All-Terrain and Mud-Terrain tyres are perfect for soft sand driving while your standard SUV and passenger vehicle tyres will not perform as well and you will be at a higher risk of getting stuck.

Tyre Condition

Your tyres condition should be checked before leaving on any trip. This step in preparing for a road trip is often over looked. Your tyre should have substantial tread left and is not cracked and deteriorated. If unsure of the state of your tyres, please come and see the experts at Tyre Zone today.

Tyre Zone Cleveland is your number 1 Kumho Platinum Dealer. We stock a wide range of suitable tyres for the driving conditions on Stradie including the classic All-Terrain KL78. This tyre consists of the perfect tread design that combines off road traction with great highway performance to handle all conditions of North Stradbroke island and city life.

If you like to take you driving to the next level and are looking for a more aggressive 4X4 tyre then we recommend the Khumo KL71 Mud Terrain. This tyre provides maximum traction in extreme off-road circumstances, delivering ultimate traction off road. With a new tread design the KL71 has much improved noise reduction compared to standard MT tyres.

Being prepared for the driving conditions of Stradie is essential. Being equipped with pressure gauges and tyre inflation kits is vital to driving safely through the soft sand terrains.

Come in and see us at Tyre Zone Cleveland and we’ll help you choose the right tyre for your next destination. Or simply call us today on (07) 32456125

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