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Christmas has just passed and now we’re settling into a relaxing summer. Now that the longer days are here and most of our family commitments are done, it’s the perfect chance to enjoy the warmer, albeit wetter, weather.

Money can be short after Christmas, we get that. Maybe you’re looking at your car or 4x4 wanting to plan a trip but your tyres are looking sad, you wish you had that winch or bullbar or perhaps you just want a replacement battery. If you’re feeling a bit stuck, perhaps we can be of assistance with HUMM.

What is HUMM interest free?

Here at Tyrezone Capalaba we offer our customers the convenience of HUMM interest free payment plans. We offer a range of products and services on interest free plans for purchases up to $2,500.

HUMM works in a fairly similar way to Zip Pay and Open Pay in that you download an app on your phone, sign up, fill out a few questions and get pre-approval for the purchase amount.

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Why buy tyres on interest free?

There are a few reasons you might want to buy items like premium tyres on interest free even though they’re technically a consumable item.

  • While a more expensive, high performance AT tyre won’t always give you more grip off-road, it will likely offer you a range of features associated more closely with a premium AT tyre. These can include heavier duty steel belts, reinforced sidewall construction and stone/dirt ejectors that are often missing from budget tyre options.
  • Premium tyres are often engineered with higher grade rubber compounds with additives for greater wet weather performance without sacrificing durability.
  • A lot of the higher end tyres have additional R&D put into designing the product, giving you a tyre that performs better and brakes quicker while being less noisy on the road.

What else do we offer?

The wet season can be no joke when it comes to previously easy going trails becoming waterlogged and slippery. Now might be the time to consider recovery gear including recovery tracks, snatch straps, winches and load rated recovery points.

Tyrezone Capalaba supply and fit automotive batteries from Super Start Batteries, a proudly Australian company. We also supply and fit 4x4 suspension, towbars and most other off-road accessories. Come see us in-store to talk about our range of 4x4 accessories.

We also offer a range of suspension and steering servicing as well. Our expert staff are able to repair or replace worn, damaged or otherwise poorly performing suspension with high quality OEM and aftermarket components.

Offering HUMM in-store gives you the option of interest free mechanical services to make sure your vehicle can handle anything you can throw at it.

Technician taking wheel off car on hoist, ready for new tyre or servicing.

How does the process work?

Using HUMM is pretty easy, just sign up for an account either in-store or online. Accounts are managed either online or via the app on your phone.

Once you get pre-approval for a purchase amount you can run your purchase through HUMM.

For purchases under $2000 you’ll have interest free repayments and avoid the $8 monthly account charge if you pay your purchase off in 5 payments or less. Payment schedules can vary so have a look at the HUMM Website for more information.

Got any more questions?

Tyrezone Capalaba supply and fit a wide range of 4x4 and off-road accessories. If there is something you need, why not get in contact via phone or drop into the store to talk with our friendly staff and see if HUMM is the right choice for your next purchase or service.

Come see us at 80 Redland Bay Rd, Capalaba QLD, or phone on (07) 3245 6125

Email is available too, get in touch with us at

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