Get the right lighting on your vehicle


Driving at night can be difficult, don’t make it worse with bad lighting.

Working headlights are essential to driving at night for your safety and the safety of the other motorists. The condition of your bulbs will be the result of being seen and being able to see hazards and other obstacles while driving at night.

Most modern vehicles come fitted with Halogen bulbs but there are many other forms of headlights out there including LED and the most recent - laser. Knowing what your vehicle has is important in understanding its shelf-life and their time of replacement BEFORE they blow.

Off-road driving at night is extremely dangerous as shadows and other dark patches could be in fact large drop-offs, bog holes or ruts that you wouldn’t most likely tackle in broad daylight.

If you are heading out bush, sand or just off-road at night there are many after-market options available for your vehicle. Light bars and laser lights are becoming more and more popular, with enthusiasts proving them to be essential parts of gear for driving at night.

Lighting at night

Here in QLD off-road driving is very popular. Heading off for the weekend is always a fun prospect, which is made much safer when there’s more than one vehicle involved. With more than one vehicle, you can be sure that one car will be equipped with a light bar which can really help the rest of the convoy.

Having your high-beams or fog lights on is often not enough. After-market lighting for off-roading is exceptionally bright and with multiple lights you can have every angle covered with widened lighting patterns.

Lighting at night 2

Whilst driving on sand is challenging through the day, it can be very unpredictable at night. Having a good set-up for night driving will enable you to avoid those tricky patches of soft and wet sand that you would easily spot during the day.

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