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Effects of overloading your 4x4


No need to get bent out of shape, we’re going to cover the basics for you

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Tyre pressure for 4X4s and SUVs


No need to feel pressured, here’s the basics

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Focus on Mud Terrain Tyres


Do you have the best grip on things?

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Get the right lighting on your vehicle


Driving at night can be difficult, don’t make it worse with bad lighting.

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Upsizing tyres - what you need to know.


If you are considering upsizing your vehicle’s tyres, drop past our store or call today on (07) 3245 6125 for expert advice.

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All-Terrain Tyres – What are they, and do I need them?


If you own a crossover vehicle and like to get out on the weekends, chances are you own a set of All-Terrain tyres.

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Top 3 Kumho tyres for the new year


A new year tends to bring with it, new resolves. How about for the year 2019, you make your vehicle’s tyres a part of them?

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Tyre Safety before Christmas


Christmas time. The silly season. It’s a little crazy, plenty busy and there’s lots to think about. In amongst it all, it’s easy to overlook one very important thing - the condition of your tyres.

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Victoria Point, QLD


Victoria Point is a suburb in Queensland, 33km south east from Brisbane, that services a ferry to Coochiemudlo Island. With a population of over 14,000, according to a 2011 census the suburb continues to grow.

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Kumho Tyre’s ‘WATTRUN VS31’ has won the Germany’s Reddot Design Award


Kumho winning the prestigeous Reddot Design Award reinforces our belief that being a Kumho Platinum dealer is the best for our customers.

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